Five steps to getting the perfect scenes for your demo reel

1. Get in touch

Once you’ve looked over the website, seen what you can expect from our reels and decided which package will be best for you, send us a message via the contact form, indicating which package you’re interested in.

2. Decide on the scenes

After you’ve made the initial contact, we will then follow up with what kind of scenes you’re looking to shoot. Whether it’s comedy, drama, horror, or even if you have a certain kind of character you want to portray.

When we have an idea of what you’re after we will then send you at least two scenes for each pairing, custom written for you, to choose from.
(Note: Scenes can take up to a week to write. We want to make them perfect for you after all.)

If you’re not satisfied with the scenes, we can tweak and alter them until you are. You’re welcome to bring your own scenes, but if it’s from a film or TV show, make sure there’s no copyright infrigement with posting the material online.

Once the scenes have been decided upon, it’s on to the next step.

3. Shoot the scenes

With the scenes locked in, we will then agree on a date to shoot them. All packages are shot in one day, and it’s recommended to leave at least a week between receiving the scenes and shooting them, giving you plenty of time to learn your lines and do any prep work for the scene.

Where we shoot will be dependent on the scene. If you’re able to provide the location, we can come to you as long as it’s in the Greater Toronto Area. If you can’t, we will try to work something out that’s suitable for everyone. If the shoot is outdoors, it’s always recommended to pencil in a back up date, due to the unpredictable Ontario weather!

Scenes will be shot on a Sony Cinema Line camera with cine lenses.

(Redbrick Reels is a minimal crew operation, in order to keep costs down for you, but with high quality results. As such, only one or two people will be there for the shoot.)

4. Wait for the edited scenes

With the scenes succesfully shot, we will go away and start the editing process.

Scenes are edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and color corrected using Davinci Resolve, to give it that extra boost.

Edited scenes will be with you in 7-10 days. If you’ve booked a demo reel editing service as well, please allow an extra day.

5. Show the world what you can do!

Once you’ve received the finished scenes or demo reel, they’re yours to do with as you please!

Stick them on your website, put them on YouTube, show them to your grandma, project them onto the CN Tower.

Whatever you like and whatever it takes to book that next acting job!